We all know that there are many positives to living in the state of Colorado, especially in our neck of the woods. But there are definitely less desirable areas.

I was doing some video-surfing on Youtube this afternoon, and came across this video produced by someone named Nick Johnson, who claims that these are the ten worst cities to live in throughout the state of Colorado.

And before you watch it, you must be aware that there are NO cities north of Aurora that are part of his list. That's right, we are all safe from his aim and we should feel really good about living in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, or any other town throughout the region.

However, after watching this video, I definitely feel bad for people that live on the western slope. It seems like they just can't catch a break out that way.

So check out this video and tell us if you think he has hit the mark for the worst cities to live in throughout Colorado. And then choose below which city you think is TRULY the worst!


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