Colorado is a well-known swing state with high voter turnout.

March 3, 2020 will mark our first year participating in early voting, also known as Super Tuesday, as decided by voters in 2016.

Colorado is one of the only Super Tuesday state with more unaffiliated voters than registered Republicans or Democrats, according to the Coloradoan.

Although voter suppression among young people is a rising concern, college students in major cities like Denver and Boulder are very vocal about making sure their vote is counted. When I was a student I remember being turned away at the ballot because the address on my student ID didn’t match my driver’s license.

Governor Jared Polis told Colorado Sun, “I’m excited that Colorado voters will have the opportunity to weigh in early in the process." “By joining the Super Tuesday states I think we can really highlight Colorado as a key state, because among the Super Tuesday states Colorado is one of the only ones that is also a competitive state for (the general election in) November, a purple state.”

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