Wendy Lu McGill, founder of Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch, says her goal isn't necessarily to sway people to eat bugs.

I mostly just want people to think about what they eat, how it affects their bodies, and the planet... and then I can go home and sleep well.

So, does Wendy ever sample her product?  You betcha!

I actually have it as part of my regular diet, but I have not convinced my children.  They are horrified!

McGill points out recent studies that show humans absorb minerals better from crickets than from beef.  For some cultures in the world, eating animals is as strange to them as eating bugs is for us, and they've lived off of insects for generations.

She says meal worms are a bit nuttier give a "mushroomy flavor on the back of the palette."  She sells her product to restaurants across the country, including one in Colorado.  “Linger” in the Highlands area of Denver serves RMMR’s crickets sweet and sour style.

If you want, you can order a package of Chirpy Jerky… or something else equally tempting... here.

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