Featured Trip Destination: Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO

Location: Boulder, CO (Map)
Cost Per Person: Meal prices from $10 - $30 per person, Average Street Performer Tip - $3, Parking is mostly free
Age Range: All ages Trip Time: 2-6 hours

Boulder, Colorado is one of a kind. Smaller than Fort Collins, more progressive than an 80's electro-synth band, as beautiful as any city in America and proud of it, it's a great quick trip for an afternoon or a weekend. There are a lot of options in this little mountain 'burgh, but the must visit spot for Front Rangers, Denverites, and tourists looking to spend an afternoon is the Pearl Street Mall.

About the Pearl Street Mall

The Pearl Street Mall is a pedestrians only stretch of Pearl Street that makes up the heart of downtown Boulder. Shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and other outlets offer plenty to do see, eat, buy and enjoy. On weekends, the sounds of street performers may overlap each other, as bands play near one person multi -instrumentalists. Palm readers, poets, and purveyors of the unexpected greet gapers with every glance. If you are shopping for yoga gear, lightweight, high-performance outdoor gear or funky one of a kind gifts, Pearl Street Mall is where you should go.


The pedestrian mall is only a part of it

It is the main part, but still, great restaurants and cool shops can be found east and west of the pedestrian area.

 A man who lights his pants on fire and solves a Rubik's Cube?

Yes, you can see that.

Boulder's street performers are amazing. I've seen a very tall contortionist (he had to be 6'5 at least) fit himself into an impossibly small plexiglass box, a performer who balanced himself on an 8' ladder while juggling knives, a man throw an ordinary playing card onto the top of an adjacent building, and the man in the picture above, who really did solve the Rubik's Cube while his pants were on fire.

There will be musicians of all kinds, psychics, there was a poet that was offering custom made poetry about any person or subject, and once I saw a dog that had a cat on its back that had a mouse on its back.

What's Happening on the Pearl Street Mall