We take state pride seriously in the State of Colorado. I've been to many other states across the country and can say, without a doubt, that you can always tell when someone is from Colorado because they love to brag about being from Colorado. I guess that makes us a lot like people from Chicago, except nobody who's proud of being from Chicago lives there anymore, but I digress.

There's nothing wrong with bragging about where you're from and being proud of our state. But there are some things about it we seem to cling to that are a little - how should I say... weird?

Proud of the mountains and ski resorts? Proud of how gorgeous the state is? All that is fine.

It's some of the more detailed things we seem to ooze pride about. Like roundabouts. And Coors.

You know what I mean.

Check out the list below.

14 Things Coloradans Should Be Proud Of - OR Embarrassed By

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Number of People Born in Each State That Now Live in Colorado

According to the most recent data from the US Census, these are the places Colorado residents actually came from originally.

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