We often see the good deeds of law enforcement. We see videos of them changing people's tires in the dark. We hear about them delivering babies on the side of the road. Recently, I saw a story about an officer giving a homeless guy his shoes.

A sheriff in Larimer County recently went above and beyond for a critter most people keep at a significant distance. There was a skunk that needed help.

Facebook/Larimer County Sheriff's Office
Facebook/Larimer County Sheriff's Office
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The Larimer County Sheriff's Department shared that one of their deputies helped to free a skunk, who had gotten its head stuck in a peanut butter jar.

The Wyoming Fish and Game Department says skunks spray when they are surprised or feel threatened. "The stinky spray is an oily liquid primarily made up of a substance called thiols, with a sulfur component that is the earmark of the signature skunk odor. A skunk's smell is hard to get rid of because compounds within the skunk's oil interact with water, reactivating the odor, so it can bring up the smell again even if you think it’s gone."
That's some potent stuff and you know this if you've ever had to try and get it off of a dog that got sprayed. 

Was this skunk aware that the officer was helping it? It's possible. Skunks are smart, but also very curious. Either way, the officer got lucky.

Did you know that "One in every 1000 people" cannot smell skunk spray? It's an insensitivity to a particular smell that some people have according to Mental Floss.

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