Rooting for the Colorado Rockies can be a very frustrating endeavor, year in and year out, it seems. One of the great things about the team, is being at Coors Field for a game, with those walk up songs.

Who doesn't love going to a baseball game, especially when it's our beloved Rockies? Sure, they're not one of the best teams in Major League Baseball, but they are #1 in our hearts, ever season.

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You and your group of friends or family get to Coors Field. You find your seats. You get a hot dog and a beer (soda.) You are ready for a great day of baseball. You're used to it not necessarily being a win for the team, but it will be a win for your and your group.

For Rockies fans, we've come to expect a season that ends "not great," but we always have fun at Coors Field when we go. There's so much to take in, so much "people watching" to do, and yes, a baseball game to see. Go, Rockies!


One of the highlights of a Rockies game, or any baseball game, is the "walk up" songs that the players have. Colorado Rockies' Charlie Blackmon has one of the league's most well-known and well-liked:

Outfield's "Your Love" has been played as Charlie Blackmon's walk up song for his entire 12+ seasons with the Rockies. It's hard to believe that, starting with the 2023 season, it will be different.


The MLB has made rules and other changes that includes cutting the length of walk up songs to a mere ten seconds. Ten. That's just about the worst thing I've ever heard. Go ahead, and give a listen to ten seconds of "Your Love"-

How is a stadium of fans supposed to get geared up to that? It was in 2014, that the MLB shortened the length of walk up song to 15 seconds, now it's 10. It's hard to get a crowd motivated in 10 seconds. My hope is that the Rockies will find a way to play that song, in a way that will still get us all really pumped up, as it does today.

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