The conventions have wrapped up, and now we have just about three months until we elect a new President.

In addition to the presidential election, we have quite a few ballot measures hoping to make it in front of your eyes come November.

The Colorado Constitution allows voters to send measures to the statewide ballot. Groups have been walking around Old Town, hanging outside the DMV, and just trying to find people to help get their passion on the ballot.

Universal health care and minimum wage proponents have already handed over enough signatures to get their causes on the ballot, but the rest have to get theirs verified before August 8th.

Here are some of the statewide ballot initiatives and also a link for you to read before you sign.

  • Local government to regulate oil and gas development
  • Mandatory setbacks for oil and gas development
  • Cigarette Tax Increase to $1.75/per pack
  • Colorado Return to Presidential Primary Elections
  • Allowing unaffiliated voters to vote in presidential primaries without registering with a particular party
  • Medical aid in dying

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