Imagine finding the perfect place to rent in Colorado for you and your four-legged best friend. The location is ideal for your commute to work, there are plenty of parks nearby to take your dog on a walk, and the layout is exactly what you want in a place you are renting.

Matt Nelson/Unsplash
Matt Nelson/Unsplash

The only downfall? There is a hefty deposit for your pet and a monthly "pet rent" fee on top of the premium price you are paying for monthly rent. In today's world, this is what pet owners have to deal with on a daily basis when trying to find a place to live in Colorado. However, that could soon change with a new state bill.

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Colorado House Bill HB23-1068 has been introduced to the Colorado legislature on January 19, 2023. Under the seven sections of HB23-1068, a ban on landlords from demanding or receiving a security deposit or rent in exchange to allow pets to reside on the residential premises with a tenant.

What Does the HB23-1068 Bill Mean for Landlords?

Section 5 of the Colorado house bill creates a pet-friendly landlord mitigation program. This program would reimburse a landlord up to $1,000 for actual damage caused by a pet animal allowed to reside in the premises. Reimbursements would be on a first-come, first-served basis, and documentation of the damage would need to be shown for a claim.

Homeowner's Insurance Under HB23-1068

Homeowners with pets are not left out of the Colorado House Bill either. Section 2 of HB23-1068 states that the House Bill would prohibit insurers from denying a homeowner's insurance policy based on a breed or mix of breeds of dogs that reside in the dwelling. Insurers could also be prohibited from asking or inquiring if a specific dog is a specific breed or mix of breeds. The exception would be to ask if the dog is known to be or has been declared a dangerous dog.

What are your thoughts on Colorado House Bill HB23-1068? Do you think it could help people that love their pets breathe a little bit better when it comes to their finances and looking for a place to live?

According to, Colorado House Bill HB23-1068 is currently under consideration and has been sponsored by Colorado Representative Alex Valdez.

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