Colorado will be one of the first states in the U.S. to partner with Apple and Google on a COVID-19 tracking system, Governor Polis shared in a press conference today. He also announced 'pods' will be used at Broncos football games so that fans can attend, as Colorado progresses towards large gatherings, with the aid of technology like Google Apple Exposure Notification.

Google and Apple devices, like Androids and iPhones, can opt in for the 'exposure notification' software later this month, similar to the technology used in South Korea that allowed them to go 'back to much more normalcy quicker than America has accomplished,' Polis said.

The Google Apple Exposure Notification (EN Express) software will:

  • Be a choice
  • Be free to download
  • Not use personal information, will be anonymous
  • Quickly alert Coloradans if they may have been exposed to COVID-19, so they can be tested
  • Coordinate between states as ski season picks up
  • Offer data security and privacy protection to ensure Coloradans' information is safe
  • Roll out before flu season in the fall

Watch the video below starting at 18:00 to see how EN Express works:

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