Each January, gyms are flooded with people hoping to fulfill their fitness-related New Year's resolutions. Colorado recreation centers aren't immune to this crowding — in fact, our state might even have it worse.

USBettingReport.com recently analyzed Google Search Trends to see which states are searching for "gyms near me" the most. Massachusetts takes the top spot, but Colorado ranks No. 2 across all 50 states.

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According to the website, 152 of every 10,000 searches from Colorado are for nearby gyms, accounting for 91,300 searches overall — a 27% increase from years past.

States like Illinois, New York, Florida, Texas, and New Jersey are hitting the gym with us, but it's not surprising that Colorado is (almost) on top. USBettingReport.com reports that the Centennial State has the lowest obesity rate in the U.S., and two Colorado counties were deemed "healthiest nationwide" last year.

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While this news is excellent for the well-being of Colorado residents, it does mean that your January gym sessions might be even more congested than you would expect.

Still, Coloradoans also aren't awesome at keeping New Year's resolutions, so you'll likely see your fellow gym members wane throughout the year.

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However, if you're New Year's resolution is to get into the gym this year, don't feel too hard on yourself. Check out the best gyms to visit in Fort Collins (or try an old-fashioned hike) in the gallery below.

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