He used to be a video game developer in Silicon Valley before moving to the Colorado River Valley. Now, he's taken his skills from the past to develop a game about the present.

According to FOX31, Gil Villarreal and his family have created 'COVIDTRON 2020.'  Gil used to be a video game developer with Sega, helping to produce titles such as the game BUG TOO! from the mid-90s on the SEGA Saturn. Surprise, Gil was a programmer for that game.

Silt, Colorado, is located about four hours away from Fort Collins, and is now where Gil calls home with his wife and three kids; he's still developing software while the family also boards horses.

Back in the 90s, Gil didn't have his kids around for inspiration. But during the long months of isolation, they all teamed up to develop 'COVIDTRON 2020.'

To me, the game resembles the arcade classic 'Bezerk,' but is actually based on the 80s classic 'Robotron 2084.' In the Villarreals game, the player goes around trying to touch as many people as they can, not to destroy them, but to free them from their masks, while also fighting off the real villains of the game - killer robots known as the COVIDTRONS.

This gets me thinking back to my own SEGA Saturn. I didn't really get into the whole SEGA craze until they released 'DOOM' for the console, including the 32-bit extension cartridge. I rushed out to get on board, and I have to say, it was money well spent.

The price for the PC version of 'COVIDTRON 2020' is $9.95. Will you be getting the high score in the 'Brave New World?'

Get more on the Villarreals' game from FOX 31 HERE.

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