A 12-year-old from Larkspur has joined a lawsuit filed against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, The Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement agency to legalize medicinal marijuana nationwide.

Alexis Bortell was diagnosed with epilepsy and sought traditional treatments in Texas where she and her family are from. When her doctor recommended medical marijuana, she and her family gave it a try before committing to a surgical remedy. The THC drops she takes in the morning and at night have eliminated her seizures for the last two-and-a-half years. "I'd say [medical marijuana] is a lot better than brain surgery", says Alexis.

Bortell and her family moved to Colorado for these treatments as marijuana, medical or other, is illegal in Texas. The lawsuit she has signed on with is an effort to make medical marijuana legal in the entire country, thus allowing her and her family to return home to Texas. Bortell is joined by another child, a military veteran, a marijuana advocacy group, and former Bronco player Marvin Washington.

There appears to be some momentum with this effort as the Federal Government has already lost its first motion to have the case dismissed.


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