What to do with a defunct Burger King location? Put a BBQ brewery in it.

The Longmont Times-Call reports a unique drive-thru BBQ brewery called Uturn BBQ is taking over a 3,800-square-foot building in Lafayette that was once a Burger King. The father-son-run restaurant will serve six packs of its own beer along with "premium" barbecue at its 599 Crossing Drive location, which is set to open in January 2017.

Initially, owners Tim and Shem Trapp wanted to sell PBR through the drive-thru, but lucky for all of us, state liquor laws restrict restaurants from selling beer to-go unless they brew it themselves.

Enter award-winning brewer Alex Violette of Upslope, who was hired to design Uturn BBQ's signature beers - an American-style stout and German-style kolsch. Customers will be in for a big treat as far as food goes, too, as Bill Heckler, former head chef at CraftWorks, was hired by the Trapps to put a local spin on nationwide barbecue favorites.

One really cool, random fact and side-note about the Trapps themselves is that, while this is their first restaurant they're opening together, Trapp Associates has designed over 350 restaurant-breweries all over the United States, including the Rock Bottom Restaurants chain. (So you know they mean SERIOUS business with Uturn BBQ!)

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