In the polar opposite of a flight to Europe, this one costs about $30 and lasts only about 15 minutes. It's so accessible, it might be fun to say you were on one of these American Airlines/SkyWest flights.

The United States' shortest hike across the sky is a 29-mile flight that takes you from Vail to Aspen. If you decide to buckle up for one, you might find yourself saying: 'Hold on, honey, here we go... And, we're done.' Actually, the flight begins in Dallas; then travels to Vail, then Aspen, then Montrose, then back to Dallas. Those stops in both Vail and Aspen keeps the two airports operational.

According to the Colorado Sun, the flight came about because American Airlines needs to maintain minimal amounts of service to regional airports in order to keep the funding received as part of the $58 billion airline CARES package in March.

Find out more about the flight from the Colorado Sun HERE.

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