It's one of the fastest-growing sports in America, though a lot of people in Colorado have never played or even heard of it.

You would think that more people in Colorado would be taking part in "Frolf," when you consider that it's so easy to learn and mostly free to play across the state.

Where does Colorado land in the top 10 of states that are loving it?

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Disc Golf. I don't know if you're supposed to capitalize it, but I do. I'm a big fan of the sport/activity, and it's great knowing that I'm far from being alone as a Coloradan. I've been playing since my mid-20s, and wish that I'd taken it up even sooner.

A new study shows that Colorado has landed in the top 10 states that are most interested in Disc Golf.


Some call it "Frolf," for Frisbee-Golf; some call it "Mountain Golf," because many courses are in woody/mountainous areas. I just call it "Disc Golf."

I may, however, say that I'm going to the park to "bang some chains," a phrase I picked up from a friend's son.

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Disc Golf dates back to 1976, when the man who invented the Frisbee, Ed Headrick, left the Wham-O company and started a new company, the Disc Golf Association.

Since then, the sport/activity has spread across America, with over 1,400 courses to shoot at. Some courses are easy, like the fun 9-hole in Johnstown; some courses are really tough, like the one outside of Central City.



There's something very satisfying about hearing the sound of your disc hitting the chains and landing in a basket. Hopefully, that shot was for par or better, but it's still a "sweet" sound.

It does seem crazy to see hundreds of people gathered to watch others play Disc Golf, but I can't say that if a big tournament came to the Fort Collins area I wouldn't want to be there.


The gang at found out that Colorado ranks No. 9 when it comes to the number of Disc Golf courses per capita, along with the number of searches for "Disc Golf Near Me."

Kansas and Vermont tied at No. 1, while Arkansas landed at #15 out of 15 of the states most interested in Disc Golf.

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