This weekend, Sunday, March 8, is the day we all set our clocks an hour forward. While most of us don't actually have to do that (thank you, technology), except for maybe on the microwave and oven, it still feels like an adjustment, right?

Daylight Savings' time changes are something many see as outdated and inconvenient, so maybe it's time to just... stop? reports that 40 percent of Americans are over it, and according to 9NEWS, Senate Bill 20-105 would mean no more changing clocks for Coloradans. If passed, the state would have 'permanent daylight savings.'

The initiative would appear on the ballot on November 3, 2020, and  'would make daylight saving time the year-round standard time in Colorado, which is one hour ahead of Mountain Standard Time (MST),' BallotPedia says.

Read more about the proposed bill from 9NEWS.

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