The latest session of Colorado's congress came to a close in mid-May of 2022 and a good chunk of what was passed was bills concerning marijuana in the Centennial State.

New Colorado Marijuana Bills Passed in May of 2022

A total of eight new Colorado bills concerning the legality of marijuana in our state were just passed and four of them have been signed into law by Governor Jared Polis. Here are the bills that passed and have already been signed by Governor Polis:

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  • House Bill 1037 - Retail and Medical Marijuana Same Location
    • This bill allows dispensaries in Colorado to operate as a resource for medical marijuana patients as well as consumers purchasing marijuana for recreational purposes.
  • House Bill 1135 - Marijuana Transporter Transfers
    • This bill allows a marijuana transporter license to be transferred to a new owner upon purchasing the business in which the license was originally obtained.
  • House Bill 1222 - Marijuana Responsible Vendor Designations
    • This bill allows an individual with a responsible vendor designation to keep it upon changing employers.
  • House Bill 1341 - Marijuana Tax Cash Fund
    • This bill allows tax money obtained through marijuana sales to be allocated and used within the same fiscal year.

New Colorado Marijuana Bills Awaiting Signature From Governor

Four of the bills passed by the Colorado Congress in this past session are still awaiting a signature from Governor Polis in order to be made official. These are the bills that have been passed but are still pending a signature from Governor Polis:

  • House Bill 1405 - Add Faculty to Key Participant Definition for Hemp
    • This bill essentially says that members of a higher education facility that obtain an industrial hemp license must have a criminal background check done.
  • Senate Bill 155 - Expand Medical Marijuana Research Grant Programs
    • This bill requires the Colorado state treasury to allocate $3 million for medical marijuana research grants.
  • Senate Bill 178 - Licensees' Ability to Change Marijuana Designation
    • This bill allows medical marijuana cultivators to transfer their licenses to recreational marijuana operations.
  • Senate Bill 205 - Intoxicating Hemp and Tetrahydrocannabinol Products
    • This bill prohibits modification of THC chemicals in industrial hemp, calls to create a task force to study THC products and make recommendations for further legislation and allocates $587, 347 to implement the bill if passed.


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