Earlier this year, a new study revealed that Colorado is the seventh-worst state to drive in. So, this got me thinking: which Northern Colorado city has the worst drivers?

With road rage growing across the Centennial State, I knew this question would open a can of worms. Still, against my better judgment, I decided to ask the Internet.

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People had a lot to say. They mentioned nearly every Front Range town. However, there was one clear loser...

The Northern Colorado city with the worst drivers

According to the people, Northern Colorado's worst drivers are in Fort Collins. The Choice City beat out the others by an overwhelming majority, with 55% of locals choosing it.

But why? Many blamed it on Colorado State University students.

When school goes back into session, the traffic patterns definitely change because the roads become busier then — especially with young, impatient students from CSU.

Others thought texting might be the problem.

Fort Collins: the texting capital, not paying attention, no idea where they are.

Still, if you are from Fort Collins, don't feel too bad — several people stuck up for the Choice City.

Compared to other cities I've lived in the U.S., people are very patient and courteous here. I really love driving here. Keep it up Fort Collins!

Other Northern Colorado cities with no-so-great drivers

Although Fort Collins was the top answer, people had bones to pick with other cities. 25% of responders said that Loveland had the worst drivers, while 10% answered Greeley.

Some mentioned Longmont, Boulder, Denver, and the entire I-25 corridor — others said the blame lies with out-of-state drivers (*cough, cough*  Wyoming). Several said we just need to be grateful that we don't live in Chicago.

How should we take this?

These are all opinions, so take them with a grain of salt. However, it's a good reminder for everyone to be cautious on the roads. Feel free to add your own opinion in our poll.

To get a better idea of where driving in the Centennial State takes a turn for the worst, take a look at the Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT) statewide crash data.

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