If you live in Colorado long enough, you are aware that sometimes bears can get themselves into a bit of mischief all for the sake of food. Actually, I am pretty sure that all animals and humans can do some questionable things to get their favorite meal when they are hungry.

Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter
Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

One juvenile bear in the foothills of Boulder is no exception. This bear is being sought out by Colorado Parks and Wildlife for its actions while searching for food. This bear has seemed to got itself stuck in a chicken feeder and Colorado Parks and Wildlife need to help free the feeder from the bear's neck and head.

Officers are asking those that may happen to spot the bear in the area of the foothills around Boulder to call 303-291-7227. Chances are that this bear won't be able to get the chicken feeder removed from its neck and head by itself, so intervention will be necessary for the bear's safety.

If you happen to be in the area where this bear is located and see a mischievous-looking bear with a bucket around its neck, call Colorado Parks and Wildlife so they can help the bear get free.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter 

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