We love a good Airbnb unique stay, and there's a lot more to this modest Downtown Loveland home than appears from the outside. This is the kind of Airbnb that's great for making memories — because you'll definitely want this on your Instagram grid.

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Starting at $120 per night, the two-bedroom Airbnb can accommodate up to five guests. It also comes with a full kitchen, outdoor area with a barbecue and fire pit, cruiser bikes to use, and even on-site laundry. There is only one bathroom, but they certainly made it count.

From the lighting fixtures, to the curtains, wallpaper and even the toilet, basically every detail of this home feels like a blast from the Atomic Age. And there's a lot of turquoise, which was actually really common. According to Big Chill, '50s bathrooms were notoriously tiled in pastel and accented in dark accessories,' and you'll definitely find that in this home, along with a checker board kitchen floor.

'This retro timeframe house is a blast from the past,' the listing says. 'Set up with a mid-century environment, this is a fun and memorable space that will bring memories and allow you to make new ones.'

Guests have raved about the retro vibe of the house during their stay, as well as the short walk to Downtown Loveland, which has dining, shops and The Foundry. You can take a virtual tour below, or see it for yourself and book your stay here.

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