While a Colorado bucket list item is one we hope we get to enjoy at least once before the end of our lives, an anti-bucket list item would be something you just can't ever see yourself being talked into doing.

You can probably think of a few things right off the bat. In fact, it might be easier to put together the anti-bucket list than to decide on your final 'must-dos'.

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Make Sure You Keep Working at Your Colorado Buck List

While it's going to be fun to read some of these anti-bucket list items, don't forget to spend a little time each month working on the actual bucket list. The funny thing about a bucket list is they just seem to grow and grow in length. It's easy to add things to them. The hard work is making time to go chase those dreams. Catch that fish, hike that trail, test out that mountain bike. 

Filling Up a Colorado Anti-Bucket List is Easy

Just think of all the mountain passes you would never want to drive over in the snow. Boom! Anti-bucket list. Below we have the beginnings of a great list of things some of us could never be talked into doing.

Check Out Grand Junction Colorado's Anti-Bucket List So Far

You can add yours to the list by linking back to the original QOTD here, or by hitting the app chat feature on our station app and sending us your response.

Grand Junction Colorado Shares Anti-Bucket List of Things We'll Never Do

We asked you to tell us about one thing that is on your Colorado anti-bucket list, or something you could NEVER be talked into doing?

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