Authorities believe that terrorists are now, or soon will be, able to hide a bomb inside a laptop. That’s why the TSA will be rolling out new X-Ray machines, and Colorado is one of ten locations involved in the testing.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

On the bright side, the testing won’t be happening at DIA. The TSA has new X-Ray machines that they’ll be testing at ten locations across America, in response to reports that ISIS and other terrorist groups could be plotting to hide bombs inside of larger carry-on electronics, such as laptops.

The airport in Colorado Springs is one of the mid-size airports participating in the testing; along with the airports in Boise, Idaho and Lubbock, Texas. DIA missed the list of being one of the large-size airports doing testing. The larger airports involved with the testing are in Detroit, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

[SOURCE: NY Times]

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