Here's another reason to love living in Colorado: Coloradans made it to the top of another list, this one about the likelihood that we'd adopt a dog. No bones about it, Colorado and dogs go paw in hand.

It goes without saying, but we'll say it, anyway: Dogs are the best. They're fun, they're energetic, they're loyal, and provide unconditional love. There are religions that believe that dogs will come back in there next life as a human; maybe that's humans and dogs get along so well.


It's funny, in an interesting way, how your dog can just sense the mood your in; it's one of their gifts. Maybe your dog will be able to tell you're thinking of them when you find out that Colorado has made to to very top of a list about dogs.

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It's almost rare to see someone on a hiking trail in Colorado without a dog. You wonder if that person has something against dogs. How could they be doing something so "Colorado" yet not be sharing that with a furry friend?


The betting site,, dived into data about each state's desire to adopt a dog, actually going through with it, and divided that into how many people live in each state. I don't know what plans to do with the data, but I wouldn't bet against them finding a way to make a buck.


Colorado came out on top of the list, with overall score of 97, and it wasn't even close: Nevada and Arizona tied at #2, with a score of 87.


  • #46 - Iowa (Overall Score: 30)
  • #47 - Indiana (Overall Score: 30)
  • #48 - Michigan (Overall Score: 28)
  • #49 - Arkansas (Overall Score: 22)
  • #50 - South Dakota (Overall Score 7)

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