Millions of Americans own dogs that love to be taken out for a walk, but the Centennial State's love of doing so seems to be greater than many states.

How many times do you take your dog out for a walk every week? 10? 20? This isn't about just 'letting the dog go outside,' this is about a full-on walk.

It can be a lot of work, with finding the time, getting ready, taking the actual walk, and then getting a treat and the 'calming down, afterward; if you live in an apartment building, it can become a big 'project' for the human and their eager companion.

Over 2,100 'pet parents' across America were surveyed, about their habits of getting their 'fur-babies' out for some exercise with a walk or a jog. The results found that Colorado comes in at #5 for states giving their dogs the most exercise.

The survey also showed that Coloradans walk their dogs just over nine times a week (9.08%) which is 26.5% more than the national average of 7.7 walks. That's a lot. It's great news for 'Sundance' and it's good for Sundance's owner, too; they're both getting some fresh air and exercise.

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With Colorado being so beautiful with more and more great trails for taking a dog for a walk on, it seems logical that we'd rock this list. Though Alabama made us look kind of lazy by being #1 with 10.45 walks per week.

Get more on the survey conducted by OneVet HERE.

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