One of my biggest pet peeves at concerts (besides the drunk girl who thinks you're best friends) is that person who won't get off their phone. I don't mean snapping a good Instagram, I'm talking about scrolling through your Facebook feed, or engaging in a text fest with your S.O. back home. Like, did you not come to this show to see the band? 

God, if I'd had video taped some of the shows I was at, to be able to prove that I was at them, you know, the first Nirvana show...Soundgarden for the first time...

I've always wondered, if this bothers me in the crowd, then how does that make the artist feel to see a crowd of faces buried in devices? This week, Corey Taylor of Slipknot kind of helped me get an idea. You can see the video of him slapping the phone out of an audience member's hands here.


I thought, 'Man, shows must have been great before people were distracted by phones. I wish I could ask someone how different shows were before cellphones turned us into technozombies.'

Then the stars aligned and I remembered, 'Oh, I have an interview with Kevin Martin from Candlebox today.'

As a band that's been touring since the early grunge era in the 1990s, I could only imagine how what he's seen from the stage has changed so much. So, if you're going to see Candlebox at Hodi's Half Note on Sunday, listen to the interview audio, so you know if it's kosher to pull out that phone.

Candlebox - 'You'

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