Colorado's roads rank among the top half of most dangerous in the country according to a new study. dug into data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, dating back as far as 1975, to compile information regarding America's safety on the roads.

Overall, Colorado comes in at No. 22 most dangerous.

Factors in that determination:

  • Fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles: 1.17 (-67% change since 1975)
  • Total fatalities: 632 (9.0% increase since 1975)
  • Percent of fatalities related to speeding: 33.2% (No. 15 highest of all states)
  • Percent of fatalities with a driver over .08 BAC: 29.7% (No. 18 highest of all states)
  • Deaths by road user type: 34.0% car, 43.3% light trucks, 2.5% large trucks, 19.8% motorcycles, 0.4% other or unknown

South Carolina ranked as the most dangerous. Massachusetts ranked as the safest.

Our neighboring states' results:

  • Arizona - 3rd most dangerous
  • Kansas - 19th most dangerous
  • Nebraska - 26th most dangerous
  • New Mexico - 9th most dangerous
  • Utah - 45th most dangerous
  • Wyoming - 31th most dangerous

You can scroll around the map of the U.S. to see other results HERE.

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