Starting Saturday, Bustang will make roundtrips between Estes Park and the Mile High City, Colorado Department of Transportation said. 

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For $10, those who wish to visit Rocky Mountain National Park of the town of Estes Park can now catch the Bustang. Those in the mountains who want to travel down to Denver for a night can also use the service. Northbound trips to Estes Park depart from Union Station in the morning, while the southbound routes start in Estes Park in the afternoon and evening.

A perk: Bustang travelers with a valid pass for Rocky Mountain National Park do not need a timed entry permit for the park, and can catch a free bus to the Bear Lake area. 

'Providing travel alternatives to a popular tourist area helps us to enhance safety, avoid congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of vehicles coming in and out of the Estes Park area,' CDOT's Kay Kelly said.

Bustang first started routes to Estes Park in 2019, however it was suspended shortly after due to COVID-19.  Estes Park Mayor Wendy Koenig says the town is thrilled to have 'an affordable public transportation connection to the Front Range and Denver Metro area for our community.'

And, as Koenig said, sometimes it's nice to have someone else do the driving. Bustangs have WiFi, restrooms, bike racks and phone chargers. There is not currently a Bustang route between Northern Colorado and Estes Park, and Fort Collins to Denver routes do not run on the weekends.

More route information is available here.

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