The tradition began in 1988, and quickly became a 'bucket list' event for the Front Range: To see that champagne travel down all those glasses.

The Brown Palace is a Denver and Colorado legend: the triangle hotel in the heart of Downtown Denver on 17th Street between Broadway and Tremont. It has hosted presidents, movie stars, even Bruce Springsteen.

It was within the 100th anniversary of the Brown Palace, in 1988, that they began this event where they make a pyramid of champagne glasses towering up as high as the second floor within their legendary atrium lobby. The atrium that they deck out for the holiday season. It really seems like a great event, though I've never gone myself, yet.

This year's Champagne Cascade at the Brown Palace will be on November 21, 2021, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

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Though you can make $275 dinner reservations for later that night within the atrium and glow of the champagne tower, you can get $20 general admission tickets for the 'pouring' event.

Does Each Glass Get Filled With Champagne?

No, they say that would take over a full day and over 1,000 bottles of the bubbly.

How Does a Sword Play Into It?

It's a small sword-like tool; a saber that they use to make a big presentation of opening the ceremonial bottle of champagne that will be poured down the tower.

Would Molly Brown Enjoy the 'Champagne Cascade'

Hard to say for sure if 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown' would, but she's always seemed like the kind of woman to enjoy a party, tradition and champagne.

Get tickets to view the pouring HERE.

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