While out on tour in support of his latest release at the time, "Storm Front," Billy Joel became the first rock act to play Yankee Stadium. Concert footage of those shows has been re-mixed and re-edited.

The Cinemark on Timberline in Fort Collins, Colorado is often the setting for these special events, and will be hosting "Billy Joel: Live at Yankee Stadium." As an avid Billy Joel fan, I'm super excited for this, for more than one reason.

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I've been a Billy Joel fan ever since my Mom got me a copy of 'The Stranger' back in the late '70's. I have owned all his albums at some point and have seen him in concert five times. Seeing "The Piano Man" live is ton of fun; all the fans singing along, Billy telling all the old jokes, it's a great atmosphere.

I never did get the chance to see the "Storm Front" tour, but I did own a VHS copy of "Billy Joel: Live at Yankee Stadium." Having been produced right after the '80s ended, I can see where it was probably "cutting edge" at the time, but I never really cared for it. It was like the whole thing had drank too many Jolt colas: Sporadic editing was the biggest problem, for me, and I bet others. That's why this new release is exciting.

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Billy was only 41 when he did those two shows at Yankee Stadium; he was 72 when I last saw him live, in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium. Time flies; that's a good reason to get out and catch one of these showings coming to the Cinemark on Timberline.  You get to see him back at that age where he still bounced all over the stage; these days, he barely bounces around his piano stool.

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The new release of "Billy Joel: Live at Yankee Stadium" on the big screen will be in 4K with Dolby ATMOS® audio; It's going to definitely sound better than on the TV I had in the early '90s, and this new editing, it should look much different.

You can take a peak at the new production, as they've released the new edit of "We Didn't Start the Fire:"


They will be showing the film on October 5 and October 9, 2022; the Cinemark on Timberline will be the theater for Fort Collins.


That is a good question, at the moment. Tickets for the event(s) go on sale on August 10, 2022, at 8 a.m. MST. They aren't listing the ticket cost as of yet, but I've been informed that they'll be $15. Not a bad price for a fun night. Maybe grab a steak at Texas Roadhouse, next door, or an Italian meal at Nick's, before the show.

Be listening to RETRO 102.5 for more information about the show and your chance at free tickets. They'll also be releasing the film on digital, 2 CDs, 3 LPs, and on Blu-Ray in November of 2022.

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