A new brewpub has popped up on West Eisenhower in Loveland and it sounds like a great spot to visit after a hike at Devil's Backbone!

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how Berthoud Brewing and Peel Handcrafted Pizza have teamed up to open a brewpub in the old Fountains location at the La Quinta Inn & Suites at Eisenhower and Cascade- it's called 5030 Local.

This will be fun. There aren't any real brewpubs in Loveland - think Black Bottle in Fort Collins- THAT is a brewpub! Food made on site, beer made on site. Plus, it's a great location! I've wondered why places haven't succeeded there.

According to the Reporter-Herald, with the place being so big, this will become the main brewery for Berthoud Brewing. If you've ever visited Berthoud Brewing's home location, you know the place is tiny. It's a fun place (like an inside of barn), but it's TINY. The new place also holds LOTS of people- over 250 more within the new brewery/limited menu area, alone. They plan on booking music acts there as well at 5030 Local.

Their grand opening is March 1, 2019. I, cannot wait!

Get more on the brewpub from the Reporter-Herald HERE!

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