It's not always easy to be healthy. Between stopping by the gym, heading to the chiropractor, or planning nutritious meals, taking care of yourself can be overwhelming.

That's why Benchmark Medical Group serves as a one stop wellness shop for Northern Coloradans. Located in Windsor, the company provides weight loss services, nutrition guidance, chiropractic biophysics, an IV bar, cryotherapy, life coaching, comprehensive blood panels, and more — so that you can address all of your health needs in one place.

"It's just a great safe haven. People come in and they're like: 'Wow, this is huge. I've never seen equipment like this,'" said Dr. Sandy Valdes Haas, owner of Benchmark Medical Group, in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview. "They get really excited and people start to become a part of our wellness family."

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For Valdes Haas, this holistic approach to wellness is paramount. As a suicide survivor with a passion for fitness and nutrition, she understands just how intertwined the worlds of physical and mental health are.

"People are battling mental illness in a heavy way, especially since COVID. Depression is very popular amongst people who battle weight and pain," said Valdes Haas. "Your body is made first in your mind. You have to change your psychology, change the way you're eating, and then you get permanent weight loss."

Using maintenance programs, including their $99 a month membership, Benchmark Medical Group helps propel this lifestyle change in a way that is sustainable.

Valdes Haas is also introducing a new challenge called 30 Day Strong, where participants take part in four daily lifestyle changes for 30 days in order to ultimately form healthy habits.

"Just remember, your diagnoses doesn't control you," said Valdes Haas. "When you control your lifestyle, you control it."

Learn more about Benchmark Medical Group's services by listening to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Dr. Sandy Valdes Haas below.

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