It appears that mountain lions like to have their picture taken. A beautiful mountain lion has made an appearance on a Colorado trail cam.

According to the date stamp on the video, this pretty cat was seen on a Front Range trail cam around mid-July.

The video description knows more about this mountain lion than I do:

A female mountain lion visits a spring in the Front Range mountains in Colorado. This lion is about 3-4 years old and weighs about 100 pounds. She hunts mule deer and elk.

All the deer and elk in that area are probably saying (if animals really could talk) "tell us something we don't know". This reminds me of a National Geographic blog a few years ago that disagreed with the perception that mountain lions target mule deer and elk. They shared studies of mountain lions in both Colorado and Wyoming and found the following:

In terms of numbers, the influence of mountain lions on bulls and bucks was tiny—they were just 8.5% of the total deer and elk killed by mountain lions in Colorado, and 11.4% of the total deer and elk killed by lions in Wyoming.

Their point seemed to be that some perceptions about mountain lions passing by other prey for deer and elk isn't necessarily accurate.

There's only one fact that I'm completely sure of. This is a beautiful animal and they're a joy to see them appearing in their natural environment on trail cams like this one.

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