Over 1,000 bald eagles travel to Colorado to 'winter' for the season. There are many great places to find them, including Barr Lake where they have a festival for them!

Sure, you've seen bald eagles around Colorado during the winter. They like the climate and the trout that we have. It's like Florida, for us humans.  It's awe-inspiring to see those- majestic birds of prey.

On February 2, 2019, at Barr Lake State Park east of Brighton, you can join the gang of Bird Conversancy of the Rockies for the 7th annual Eagle Fest.  A couple of the things going on that day is a craft event for kids where they'll be helping to build a life-sized eagles nest, and a great guided hike out to the lake, where you are bound to see SEVERAL bald eagles!

The festival is free to get into with your daily park pass or your annual Colorado State Parks pass.

Get more information about the festival HERE!

Bring your camera!

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