Two of the most recognizable men, together in one photo from the 1970's. One beloved as a singer and activist, the other a beloved actor and activist, both enjoying a beer. The photo has "Colorado" written all over it.

John Denver and Robert Redford, hanging out. It's an iconic picture. Who knows what they were discussing at the time, but they were definitely having a good time. When you take a closer look at the photo, you see the Centennial State in all its glory.

YouTube/John Denver

You'd have to believe that John Denver would love the state that Colorado has become since his passing in 1997, mostly for the legalization of marijuana. I think it would be hard to find someone who didn't like John at least a little bit. He was just a really nice guy, who had a lot of great songs, with his great voice, and he was a pretty good actor, too. 1977's "Oh, God" was a fun movie.

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Having lived in Aspen for much of his life, you'll now find the John Denver Sanctuary, a tribute to his life and his environmental activism. I've never been there, myself, but it sounds beautiful.

Robert Redford has also lived in Colorado, having attended the University of Colorado for a while, before becoming a Hollywood star. Redford is also known for his own environmental activism efforts. Though his film, "Jerimiah Johnson" was filmed in Utah, it has a great Colorado/Rocky Mountains feel.


It's not only the fact that they are rocking some very stylish denim outfits (it was the '70's) that would fit in anywhere in Colorado at that time, it's the fact that they are both enjoying some of Colorado's very own Coors Banquet beer. There's no real information that I can find regarding where the photo was taken, but with those Coors, I'm putting my money on Colorado.

Go, '70's.

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