Avril Lavigne shaved one side of her head a while ago, but her hair is so long that depending on how she wore it, you couldn't always tell she was channeling Skrillex.

However, at her Abbey Dawn show for Fashion Week, Lavigne not only showed her shaved side, she also put pink and green streaks and silver studs into her 'do.

The newly engaged starlet's hair is, er, interesting, in a 2007 scene girl kind of way. Somehow, Lavigne manages to make the green and purple look somewhat natural, as they don't completely saturate her blond strands, but rather accent them. However, the shaved side, combined with her alabaster skin, dark eye makeup, and unflattering glasses make this look incredibly unflattering to her otherwise delicate features. Why are you hiding, girl?!

Lavigne explained that the crayon-inspired hues were a little spur of the moment. We should note here that the colors don't look bad -- but the combination of everything together isn't a great look, and we're not sure she has the head shape to pull off a shaved head the way Kesha, Miley and Pink do. "Tonight I got a little wild with my hair dye in my hotel room," Lavigne told Us Weekly. "I've always dyed my hair and had fun with pinks and greens, but this evening I was celebrating Fashion Week, here in New York, and the fact that I'm having a runway show, which is a major deal for me and means a lot."

It was a DIY job, too, as Avril dishes, "I just got dye happy and dyed my whole hair blonde and then went crazy with these colors and studs. I actually had pink fingers, but I spent so long washing them." We recommend gloves next time!

Lavigne also talked about the gown she'll wear in her upcoming nuptials with Nickelback frontman (and fellow Canadian) Chad Kroeger. "I've been thinking about it; I haven't come to a decision on themes yet, but I'm really excited to start planning and even more excited about the wedding dress. I have a lot of ideas and I'm trying to figure out which direction to go," she said. One thing she knows for sure? She wants her gown to be "bad a--!"

With that hair, girl, you're well on your way.

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