Estes Park is my favorite getaway when I want to escape to the mountains, the scenery, and the wildlife. But I also escape there to get...CANDY!

The first time I ever took a trip to Estes Park, I was first reeled in by the scene of the Rocky Mountains when you first get into town.

And then, as soon as I got into downtown my eyes were drawn to all the great candy stores that the town has to offer. What entices you the most when it comes to the sugary goodness that these stores offer?


Chocolate Truffles?

Jelly Beans?

Caramel Apples?

You can find all of those, and more, throughout Estes Park. But which candy store in town is your favorite?

Take a look at this slideshow of all the candy stores so you can jog your memory of all the choices Estes Park has.

And then place your vote below for your favorite! We'll give the results of the top five next Monday May 2nd!




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