Dear Mr. Baldwin, may I call you Alec? Dear Alec, with all due respect, as they say, I'm hoping that you'll reconsider this March 5, 2022, trip that you have planned.

You're an older man, Alec, I'm sure you know of the '70's classic by Dave Loggins, "Please Come to Boston," which mentions Denver; this is much the opposite: Please Don't Come to Boulder.

I've enjoyed your work, Alec, for many, many years. Every time that they show "Hunt for Red October," I'm the guy that can't not watch it. I am a huge fan of "30 Rock" and your Jack Donaghy character, he's so damned funny. Many may not know that you've had a podcast for many years, "Hears The Thing;" it's great.

So, don't think that I'm someone who's a non-fan and just doesn't want some "Hollywood Elitist" coming into Boulder, Colorado for the Boulder International Film Festival, "The Biff". I'm just a guy saying, 'Alec, read the room.'

Yes. Yes, it is about your recent involvement with a shooting death on the set of your movie, where you shot the gun that killed your cinematographer. There, I said it.

It's about how it all appears. How does it appear, you ask? It appears that, while you yourself are involved in a death due to a gun, you are oblivious to the pain Boulder and Colorado itself have seen in the past year due to gunfire.

It was less than a year prior your planned visit on March 5, 2022, that on March 22, 2021, 10 people (including an off-duty police officer) were killed in a mass shooting at a Boulder King Soopers. The city is still reeling from that horrific day, as is the whole state.

In addition, though it was nearly 23 years ago, this time of year brings back memories of the April 20, 1999 Columbine Massacre in Littleton, also a mass-shooting.

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Also, Alec, you may have missed the more recent tragedy the Boulder area went through with the Marshall Fire. Hundreds of homes were destroyed, thousands of people affected, and are still dealing with the aftermath.

And here, you want to come bouncing into town to make an appearance at the film festival. You were here in 2010, picking up an award. My best advice, is take a 'pass' on this year's event. Maybe hold off until 2025 and make it nice and neat 15 years of being absent from The BIFF.

Hoping That You Understand,


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