The Right Card has been a staple in Old Town for decades. Full of quirky gifts, sweet and sentimental gifts, and, of course, great cards, you could be sure of finding something interesting whenever you stepped through this store's doors.

I can't tell you the number of times I've been in to The Right Card. Dozens, for sure. It also has the perfect name, because it truly IS the place to find 'just the right card.' Plus, the place has so many great gifts.

But on Monday, May 18, the current owner of The Right Card, which is currently located at the corner of Linden and Walnut in Old Town Fort Collins, announced via Facebook that the store is closing due to a downturn in the market.

On the bright side, she also announced that The Right Card will still exist, though in a notably smaller form, inside of nearby Walnut Creek.

Walnut Creek
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Here's hoping for the further success and fresh start of The Right Card!

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Old Town Fort Collins: Ten Years Ago, and Now


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