In our quest to investigate more of the ghost towns that litter the Colorado landscape, today our travels take us to Weld County's ghost town, Dearfield.

The town of Dearfield, which is located approximately 30 miles east of Greeley, was formed to create a colony for African-Americans living in the area. The town continued to grow and in 1921 peaked with a population close to 700 people.

However, that year began the downward spiral for residents leaving the area.

There were opportunities in other parts of the state and country that residents had a better chance at obtaining and becoming prosperous. The population dipped so much that only 12 people lived in the town in 1940.

If you ever driven through the town of Dearfield before, you may still see the gas station, diner, and the home of Oliver Jackson. Or at least what is left of them.

Some people have been brave souls and have been in each building that still occupies the land, taking video footage of what they have seen.

(Keep in mind that this could be considered trespassing! We can't stress enough that you'll be entering these buildings at your own risk, if you tempt it.)

Here are some of the videos that people have took of the ghost town of Dearfield, and what they have seen.




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