To the CSU Emergency/Urgent Care Veterinary Staff,

I just wanted to give you all a huge thanks for the help and care you have provided to my dog over the past few days.

Times may be weird and unnerving right now due to the coronavirus, but when my dog needed emergency care this week, you were able to get him in within the hour and immediately treat him for his injuries.

Even with the new and necessary precautions in place, such as not allowing me to actually go inside the facility with my dog, you were still extremely professional and caring about the situation and I knew he was in good hands as soon as you took him out of the car. I'm sure it's not easy navigating around the new virus procedures, but I can't thank you enough for helping to ease my anxiety about the situation and ensure that one of my best friends will be okay in the end.

But not only were you quick to get my dog help, you've also been great about communicating with me as his situation has progressed and have kept me informed every step of the way. From the technician who first talked me though my the procedure over the phone and staff and members that assisted once we arrived to the multiple ER doctors that have been providing non-stop care to all their charges, you deserve an endless amount of thanks.

I don't have kids, so my pets are my babies and to see them go through something traumatic like this absolutely kills me. But knowing that we have such an amazing resource in our community that goes above and beyond the call of duty despite mitigating circumstances is something special and I am forever grateful for what you do.


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