Everyone needs a friend. One newborn foal didn't wait long to find a close companion as this new video shows.

The horses name is Cytopia. The small dog is named Chanel. The owner obviously loves "C" names. They shared this immediate friendship that has developed between the two.

It's obvious that Chanel wants to play while it appears that Cytopia doesn't really know what to think about the small dog.

If you happen to be new to the horse world, first of all welcome to Wyoming. We love horses here. It's also worth noting that a foal is commonly used to refer to a young horse up to one year of age. As Wikipedia points out, you'll also here "colt" used for young male horses and "filly" for the gals.

We've seen a lot of videos shared showing horses and dogs playing which makes sense. National Geographic shared a story last year about how horses and dogs have a common language of play. In the case of Cytopia and Chanel, it appears the dog is more advanced in what play is compared to the young horse.

We never tire of this animal dynamic of horse and dog. I expect these two animals will grow up together and that bond formed now will last their entire lives.

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