If you've ever been to a concert at Red Rocks, you've definitely experienced the electrifying energy along with the unique scenery, that really cannot be found anywhere else. It would be hard to create another place that naturally emotes the same type of spirit and emotions that this outdoor amphitheater in Morrison does, which is also consistently named as being one of the top entertainment venues in the entire world. However, over the weekend, a Red Rocks mini-me popped up in the streets of Chicago – and while nothing could quite compare to the real deal, it came pretty dang close.

Eager concert-goers from the city of Chicago flocked to the Taste of Randolph Festival, where they got to enjoy live music from some of Colorado's favorite artists, including The Motet and Michal Menert, who performed on the replica Red Rocks stage. Several bands from Chicago also got the opportunity to compete for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play on stage at the actual venue, and both The Motet and Michal Menert have scheduled shows there at later dates this year. The Denver Live on the Rocks Stage at the Taste of Randolph was a collaborative effort between the festival and VISIT DENVER, and was planned as part of the Amphitheatre's 75th anniversary celebration. The mock-stage in Chicago was surrounded by two walls, painted and hand-carved to look identically like the iconic sandstone formations that are found at the real venue. Each wall stood 30 feet tall and 70 feet long.

Another reason for bringing the Mile High to Chicago, was to showcase a little bit of what Colorado has to offer. With Denver recently being named as the #1 place to live by US News & World Report, this provided the perfect opportunity for our state to bring its culture elsewhere and to show off our great music, love for the outdoors, and intrigue for urban adventure.

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