While it wasn't the result that we all expected and hoped for Sunday night, there aren't enough words to express how proud we are of our very own Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, as she took the stage last night at the Miss America Pageant.

Johnson, who is a Windsor native, ended up being the second runner up last night, losing out to Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell.

One of our most favorite memories from this year's Miss America Pageant was when Kelley came out on the stage for the talent competition dressed in her nurse scrubs, which is far different than what we have seen in the pageant in year's past.

Another memory from last night? When Johnson said in her interview question that Ellen Degeneres should be the first woman on the ten dollar bill.

It was Kelley's strive to do and say something different, along with representing the state of Colorado with professionalism and grace, that solidified in all of our minds the true Miss America that she is.

While the Miss America Pageant may have come and gone with the results heading in another direction, Kelley Johnson showed last night that her future is as bright...and even brighter...than many of the contestants who were on the stage along with her. Whatever her goals and her dreams are heading forward, she has proven that she'll conquer what's thrown her way and be as successful as she wants to be.

Congratulations Kelly...we are ALL proud of you and what you have accomplished. Northern Colorado couldn't have been represented in a better way, with a better person.


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