Out with the old and in with the new. It's an old phrase but one that applies to what's going on in downtown Fort Collins. In just the past month, we have seen stories about long-time businesses closing their doors to make room for, well, rooms! Old construction making way for new construction that will house students at CSU, and just announced, tourists who wish to visit our beautiful state and drink our fantastic beer.

In the works is a 100-plus room hotel on East Lincoln Avenue, within walking distance of craft beer heaven that includes: Equinox Brewing, Odell Brewing Company, New Belgium, Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, and Funkwerks, just to name a few.

Currently at that location is Hydro Construction who say they will be moving to another location.

Fort Collins is definitely growing. That growth may not slow down any time soon, especially with tourists staying so close to downtown and world renown craft beer. They may not want to leave.

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