The tragic shooting death of El Paso County Deputy Micah Flick on Monday also involved three other victims who suffered wounds from the incident. Two of them are also Deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and are expected to recover. The third was a 27 year-old man who was, according to El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder, "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Thomas Villanueva lives in the same apartment complex where the shooting took place. He had, according to his GoFundMe page, crossed the street to grab some food before his shift started at 4:30pm. As he was returning to his apartment, shots were fired and he ran from the scene. Sadly, one of the bullets struck Villanueva in his left shoulder, went through his spinal cord, and through his left lung. The result, according to his GoFundMe page, is that Villanueva is "immobilized". There is no information at this time as to his prognosis or the permanency of his condition.

The GoFundMe page is seeking donations that will go directly into Villanueva's bank account for "financial security". If you would like to donate, CLICK HERE.



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