Spring is almost here, and you've started to make your plans for when the weather gets warmer. When you're sharing ideas, did you realize how much Denver has going on?

This is the second article focusing on things to do this Spring in Colorado, after we covered "5 Things to Do in Estes Park This Spring" on Tuesday. Today, we focus on the capital city of our state, Denver.

If you're looking for different events to be part of in the next couple of months, Denver has everything you could ask for. Whether it has to do with running, bacon, beer, or a dead guy...the Mile High City has it all.

So what five events do we recommend this Spring in Denver? Check out this list and if there are other events you think should be part of this, let us know below!

1.) Frozen Dead Guy Days - Nederland

2.) Denver St. Patricks Day Parade

3.) New Kids on the Block Festival

4.) Bacon and Beer Classic - Mile High Stadium

5.) Furry Scurry 2016