For the next two months, the University of Colorado School of Medicine and UCHealth are recruiting 1,000 patients for a COVID-19 vaccine study, as reported by 9 News.

The vaccine known as 'Moderna' focuses on the genetic code of the coronavirus and its spike in protein, rather than exposing someone to a small amount of the virus, said Dr. Thomas Campbell, an infectious disease physician at the CU School of Medicine and University of Colorado Hospital.

UC Health said in a news release that Coloradans from across the state are welcome to participate, including higher-risk groups, but must travel to University of Colorado Hospital for appointments.

Participants will either receive the vaccine or a placebo, said UCHealth, and will be monitored for at least a year to determine the vaccine's safety.

“I'm elated by the pace of progress. It's really unheard of for any viral infection to have a vaccine progress at this rate,” Campbell said. “It’s a great testament to what can be done when people put their minds to it and work together.

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