Come with us now as we take a journey across the Centennial State to hear why this YouTuber hates these 10 Colorado towns, so much.

This YouTuber, The World According to Briggs, is a man who has visited all of the 50 states and lived in several, because of being in the military. He posts videos on a wide range of things regarding living in the United States.

Briggs' videos include 10 Things to Know About Moving to Arizona, Great Rural Towns in Wyoming to Retire or Buy Real Estate, and several about places you can live in for $1,658/month. His pension must be $1,658; that's my only guess on that.

He does have one video that came across my radar, about Colorado: The Top 10 Worst Towns in Colorado. Nice title.

YouTube/The World According to Briggs

Briggs holds nothing back in his near vitriol about these 10 towns that he's selected to "highlight." He seems like a very angry fellow; maybe he should relax in a hot spring. Published in 2019, Briggs bounces around Colorado, though you never see him on screen in the state. I'd like to see him come here and say these things to our faces.

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Now, he does say that "it was hard to find towns that suck in such a great state." I guess we can take that as a backhanded compliment, at best, from Mr. Briggs. You kind of get the feeling that he actually held back; it's like he had another 10 ready to go in his pocket.

Crime rates and school ratings seem to be the key factors for Briggs' determining of why these towns suck, though he does take some pretty nasty shots that you won't find in any census or Wikipedia data.

Youtuber's 10 Worst Towns in Colorado and Why

Come with us now as we take a journey across the Centennial State to hear why this YouTuber hates these 10 towns, so much.

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