It's hard to believe that in Colorado, some people don't drive or own a car, at all. With so many places to go and see in the state, most people opt for having their own "wheels."

There's a new list of the vehicles that criminals are looking for the most in Colorado. Most of these are not high-end vehicles (which are probably harder to steal,) they're vehicles that many Coloradans have, and want to hold onto.

List of Colorado's Most Stolen Vehicles

If you're always having to worry that your mode of transportation is about to be stolen, maybe it would make sense to own one that's not on this list. With so many varieties of cars, trucks, and minivans in Colorado, you'd be bound to find something that you enjoy.

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Of course, if you own one of the 10 most stolen cars in Colorado and are diligent, you can avoid becoming a statistic. Not leaving your car running while it's unlocked (puffing) is a major reason cars get "boosted" in Colorado; how many times do we have to be told to not do that?


According to 9News, over 32,000 vehicles were stolen in Colorado during 2023. The amount of stress that can come with your car/truck/SUV being stolen is monumental.


After your vehicle is stolen, getting to work, getting the kids where they need to be, and getting essentials, becomes daunting.

Was your vehicle amount in the top 10? If so, might you decide to trade it in for something that's not on the list?

10 Most-Stolen Vehicles in Colorado for 2023

There's a new list out of the vehicles that criminals are looking for the most in Colorado.

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